Wedding Dress Designs

The Evolving Trend of Wedding Dress Designs

From the beginning a main focus that a bride and even the groom may have about their pending wedding probably starts with looking at the various wedding dress designs available and to envisage how these designs are going to look as they stand together during the wedding ceremony. It is natural that everyone wants to look their best for the most important day of their lives. People start planning several months before the wedding for their dress designs and accessories. In recent years, the design trends for wedding dresses have undergone a huge transformation and men have had almost equal input into final choice of wedding gown as women. Following is an outline, we hope you will enjoy, about the diverse designs and current trends that exist in relation to wedding dresses from which a wedding couple can now choose.

About Dress Designs

Wedding gown is an outfit of a bride on her wedding day. Though there are several wedding dress designs for one to choose from, it is practical that one chooses according to her custom or local trend based on where she lives. The dress designs of the evolving trend though continues to have white as a major choice, there are several wedding dress designers who have taken the step of creating wedding dress designs with other colours as well. Countries like China and India have the trend of wedding dresses of the bride to be in red colour, and golden colour, as a symbol of prosperity.

Wedding Dress Designs That are Ruffled and Romantic

The design that keeps coming back with certain additions to suit the trend are the ruffled gowns that gives an elegant romantic look. Some of them are very impressive than others. These trendy romantic gowns are designed with highly sculptured flounce that makes the bride feel high.

Classy Wedding Designs

There are several wedding dress designs that are highly classy at the same time carry a modern touch. The range of asymmetrical designs of dresses is much in demand, as these designs enhance the beauty of a bride. The asymmetrical designs do not require many accessories to complement it, as it speaks for itself.

Short Dress Designs

Several designers decided in creating the new trend of short wedding dress designs and this certainly has a huge welcome in the current trend. People are of different tastes and certainly the trend demands something new and unique and these short wedding dresses make the bride feel chic and fashionable in her wedding.

Wedding Dresses that Flow

Despite the diverse designs that are arriving, the trend of those original classy dresses of the olden days is still in great demand. These wedding dress designs are certainly unique making the bride feel light with the silhouettes that are classy. In addition there are several daring designs with fabrics like organza, which make the bride float through the aisle.

Wedding Dress Designs with Flowers

Other popular designs of trendy wedding gowns are offered with pretty flower designs that intensify the femininity of the bride. There are designs with overwhelming foliage and designs with minimum details.

Beadings that Highlight the Wedding Dress Designs

There are wedding dress designers who have come up with wedding gowns that sparkle with beads to highlight the elegance of the attire and make the bride feel special. These are gaining popularity among the brides.

Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

Gone are those days with sleeveless gowns and the trend is evolving for the new looks with the wedding dress designs having sleeves in them. These gowns are designed with sleeves of various lengths to offer varieties for one to choose from.

Wedding Dresses with Bows

Wedding dresses with highlighted bows on the waist and neckline were in fashion during the 80's and there are a few who opt for such gowns even today. These certainly add a 'wow' to the looks and are also stylish.

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress Designs

These are extremely elegant dresses and are apt for tall brides, as the dress flares out from the knees to the ankles. These gowns highlight the beautiful curves of the elegant lady.

Empire Style Wedding Dresses

These are gowns with a raised waistline just down the bust line. One of the best bridal gowns with a square neckline that makes the lady feels high in her soul.

Princess Style Dress Designs

Wedding dress designers have created unique wedding dresses that flocked to the ground in the shape of 'A' and this gown has a hugging fit on the upper half making the bride look like an artistic figure.

Wedding Gowns with Sheath Style

These are wedding dress designs with narrow silhouette and flows straight from the neck to the bottom making the bride look like an angel. The advantage of this design is that this dress can be converted into an evening dress for various occasions.

The Trend of 2012 – Wedding Dresses of Different Colours

History repeats itself in the wedding industry with the wedding dresses going through various transformations. Currently, colored dresses are becoming common for the bride, as it were during the medieval times. Brides who belonged to the middle ages more often wore gowns of different colours that represented their social status. Brides who belonged to high-class societies, often wore gowns with rich fabrics and colours.

Today, though larger part of the wedding dress designs of the western culture is in ivory or white, the trend of colored wedding dresses is taking the stride. These colours include light grey, blush colours, or even black. Other dramatic colours such as rose and black are also in sight. These soft colored dresses with different wedding dress designs are really stunning.

Several international wedding dress designers are coming up with unique designs and colours that include dove grey, black, and pale mint.

Designs for Grooms

Gone are those days when the grooms had only limited personalized choice of a formal dressing. Grooms spend as much time as brides to pick their wedding dresses from the huge range that are offered.

Simple tailored attires with striking ties are gaining popularity. Ties that have paisley patterns, bold stripes, polka dots, etc are amazing. Several fussy decorations with frills and pleats are designed and white shirts with colourful waistcoats and ties are in trend. In addition, ivory ties, casual groom attire, and contemporary tuxedos are in the hype.


With the evolving wedding dress designs and ranging colours, the upcoming wedding season is sure to experience a whole host of dresses with vivid colours making the brides feel unique and proud while walking through the aisle.


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