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How to Find the Best Bridal Gowns in Melbourne

When it comes to your wedding, naturally you want everything to be perfect. Your bridal gown is no different, and you could make the argument that the gown will be your most important purchase. If you don't have the right bridal gown, it can affect the wedding and your memory of it (as you'll constantly be reminded of your poor choice in numerous wedding pictures). In this article, we'll offer you some advice on getting the best bridal gowns in Melbourne.

Plan your shopping well

Many brides-to-be build up a lot of excitement over their first shopping trip for a gown, and then are disappointed. A dress you had in mind might not look right, a sample dress might not fit, or you may just have a bad experience with the staff at the dress shop. The first step in planning out your shopping trip should thus be to prepare yourself for an imperfect experience. Expect that your ideal dress won't end up being the one you go with. Sandwich your shopping between enjoyable activities, like lunch or drinks, so that you're not relying on your shopping trip to make your day. If you encounter a rude salesperson, don't hesitate to go to a different shop. You'll be spending a lot of money on your bridal gown, and you should be satisfied with the entire experience. If they have it at one shop, you can get it at another. After you've prepared yourself for shopping for bridal gowns Melbourne, the next step is to know what style you're looking for. Below are some popular options today.

Vintage Bridal Gowns

It's now a very popular option to wear a vintage-style wedding dress for your ceremony. A vintage bridal gown Melbourne style is one from the early 1900s up through to the 1970s. Many feel they add a touch of elegance to any wedding, as they have the ability to bring a touch of historical flair to your ceremony. While finding an actual antique gown for your wedding can be quite difficult and/or expensive, many Australian brides are opting for a reproduction or a gown inspired by vintage styles instead of an actual antique. These are easy to find nowadays, since vintage styles are in vogue. Reproduction vintage gowns will most likely be better-made, and so will be less susceptible to tears.

Also, by wearing a vintage-inspired dress you don't have to worry about many of the other difficulties of antique dresses or bridesmaid gowns, like trying to match your modern-day size to the sizing of another decade. A vintage gown or bridesmaid gown, when chosen in coordination with your wedding theme, can have a dramatic impact on the overall presentation on your wedding day. Almost every bridal collection now includes several vintage-inspired gowns, so finding a vintage dress won't be a difficult task.

Lace Bridal Gowns

Another popular choice for gowns in Melbourne are lace dresses. This is partly driven by the desire for vintage gowns, as many lace gowns also have an old-fashioned look and appeal. But lace has an appeal of its own. It is delicate, and provides a feminine elegance that other materials just can't match. It also is flattering, as it doesn't draw attention to bumps in the skin like sheer fabrics do. This can help a bride with a heavier body appear slimmer.

Lace dresses also often have the appearance of luxury, even if the gown isn't very expensive. But, if you aren't sold on the idea of a wedding lace gown, you can also use lace to add a touch of class to your bridal gown. For example, many women choose to add a lace overlay to a silk gown. Lace can also be used as detail at the waist, hem, veil, or on the train of the gown.

Straps or No Straps?

Strapless bridal gowns or bridesmaid gowns are very popular, but gowns with straps are starting to be seen more frequently nowadays. Brides like them for a number of reasons.

Straps can be used, for example, to balance out a full skirt. Full skirts are a popular look in Australian weddings this season, but a strapless version of a full skirt tends to make a bride look bare on her neck and chest. Thus, a bride wearing a full skirt might choose a wide-strapped dress to counteract this effect.

Straps also have a defining look of their own, however. Thin straps can provide your gown with a feminine look, and the contrast of white straps on a tanned back can look especially handsome. Decorative straps can also provide your gown with a picturesque look. Wedding guests will see your back for much of the ceremony, and decorative straps can make the back of your gown much more beautiful to look at. 

Designer wedding dresses gowns have made many brides are also go for removable straps. These allow you to wear straps for the ceremony, providing you with a modest look (perfect for a church ceremony), but then to also remove them for your reception. If you remove your straps and do a quick change of jewellery, you can have a drastically different look for your reception.

Making the Choice with a Bridal Gown Designer

Knowing the latest fashions of gowns Melbourne and a boatload of tips won't make that final decision for you. It's important when shopping for bridal gowns in Melbourne that you are confident and yet realistic and find the best bridal gown designers. Know which styles best suit your body type, and which will accentuate your best features. If there's part of your body that you're particularly self-conscious about, ask the staff at the boutique what type of gown you should get to hide it. If something like your weight really has you down, remember that you do have time between now and the wedding to do something about that (at least to the extent that you can feel better about it). Choose your gown with your wedding in mind, as the theme of your wedding will do a lot to determine which gown looks best in it. But most of all, choose a gown that you feel comfortable in. If you feel beautiful, then you look it as well!


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