Bridal Couture

Bridal Couture- Trends, Styles, and Buying Tips

A large part of wedding planning is spent looking for the best wedding gown, which can be a truly daunting on brides. While there is a large inventory of wedding dresses at any given time of the year, there are a number of considerations to be made when it comes to choosing one since it is the most important piece of clothing a woman would ever wear.

For brides who have yet to find their perfect wedding dress, it is wise to consider getting a designer gown since it is guaranteed to be special and spectacular. Bridal couture Melbourne has always been the top choice for brides who only want the best and a one of a kind gown for their special day. It provides a wide range of bridal couture options that cater to varied styles and tastes.

When it comes to choosing couture, it is necessary to take a look at the latest trends in wedding gowns, especially if you have a very specific, if not discriminating taste. Listed below are some of the latest trends and popular styles that most modern brides gravitate toward when picking out their wedding dress.

Two Tiered Skirts

Over the past two or three years, designers have been inspired to create gowns with 2 very distinct hemlines. This bridal couture Melbourne style usually features an incredibly flattering neckline with wide straps. Among the best things about this style is that it creates the illusion of a longer body, which is always a welcome feature for petite brides.

This dress works very well for slim/slender or petite women as it does not only add appropriate layers, but it also accentuates their delicate features.

Horsehair Trim

While considered by many to be more on the eclectic side of the spectrum, horsehair trim style wedding gowns can be quite elegant, provided the right fabric and cut are used. This particular style is often referred to as the "inside-out" gown because it is mostly made of horsehair fabric, which is often used for underskirts.

Horsehair is a synthetic fabric but it has a fine quality that rivals some of the best natural fabrics in the market.

One of the best things about the horsehair trim gown is that it can take on basically any personality, depending on the taste of the bride. Some skirt trims are so refined that they look more like ball gowns for royalty. A very popular accent for this gown is a wide sash or belt, which usually comes in a darker colour to provide adequate contrast.

Lace Gowns

A lot of classic wedding gown designs are coming back in bridal couture Melbourne style, and most are getting the appropriate update to suit the taste of modern brides. Lace gowns are among the classic trends that are dominating the couture scene in recent years, and many brides are attracted to the prospect of wearing one.

Lace wedding dresses are very delicate, and therefore require the hands of expert designers and dressmakers in order to arrive at a flawless creation. Due to its delicate nature and construction, a lace gown usually takes a lot longer to make compared to other style of gowns. However, the wait will be well worth it because a lace gown can bestow a regal look to any bride that wears it.

Full skirts, long trains, and ballet length veils are some of the most common features that come with lace gowns.


One of the most current trends along the lines of lace gowns are long lace sleeves. This style is inspired by the iconic gown worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine "Kate" Middleton.

A-Line Strapless

Full figured women, as well as those with an hourglass figure would definitely look stunning in one of these. A-line strapless wedding gowns with chapel trains accentuate all the right areas of the body, i.e. the bust and waist. The chapel train is just the right length for this type of dress, which is perfect for a summer or spring wedding.

As far as colours go, ivory and oyster are some of the most popular choices since it adds a more dramatic flair to an already fantastic dress.


This dress does not require much in terms of veils. In fact, the dress would be much better served if the bride chooses to use a tiara or any other minimalist head accessory.

High-Low Hemline Dresses

Bridal couture is as flexible as any other fashion line that exists today. It also happens to feature extremely imaginative wedding gown designs, as in the case of high-low hemline dresses. Also known as the long-short dress, this style features a shorter front hemline and a longer one in the back.

This dress is among the most popular choices for spring as well as summer weddings, especially those that are held at the beach or in a garden/yard setting.

Some of the best designer gowns under this category come as strapless numbers, while others are fitted with slinky spaghetti straps with a low V neckline.

One Shoulder Sweep Gowns

When it comes to flaunting, a bride's figure while remaining conservative, nothing beats the one-shoulder sweep wedding gown design. This dress features a mermaid silhouette, which accentuates the bride's excellent figure, and a sweep style train that is easily manageable.

This style also works for tall brides, since it compliments a statuesque feature quite well too.

Side Slit Gown

Brides who prefer to incorporate a sexy flair to their wedding gown should consider getting a side slit dress. This style is very popular as it allows brides to showcase their amazing legs, and still maintain a certain amount of modesty.

This dress specifically requires soft and flowing fabrics such as Charmeuse, Duchesse Satin, Georgette, and Silk faced satin.

Choosing a Wedding Gown Designer

Experience, reputation, and a certain flair for the latest gown trends are among the things to look for when choosing a bridal couture designer. Keep in mind that you are choosing a dress in which you will be photographed and gazed at by so many people.

We provide some of the best selections of bridal couture, which appeals to a wide range of bridal preferences. Our designs are as unique as they are well thought out so that every bride that comes to look at our wedding gown selection will be spoiled with only the best choices.


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