Top 10 Fashionable Wedding Gown Trends for Romantic Weddings

The most important bridal concern, apart from getting hitched to the right man, would be to put her best foot forward on her wedding day. Yes, quality workmanship and comfortable fabric must be a consideration while scouting for perfect wedding gowns. But then, choosing the best gown style that flatters your body shape is another factor that must be kept in mind while selecting a wedding gown.

The following bridal wear styles will transform you into a tangible princess on your wedding day, if chosen with caution. Read on.

1. Blush pink wedding gowns - celebrate your D-Day in style

Till recently, bridal gowns in any other colour, except for white and ivory were unheard of. But, the contemporary and suave brides are open to experiment with bold colours like blues, peaches, maroons, beiges and the current favourite - blush pink! With divas giving their stamp of approval to blush-pink gowns on the ramp, more and more brides today want to look cute, sexy and beautiful in pink shades while they say, 'I do'.

2. Timeless wedding gowns in classic white - for ethereal beauties

Taking the tried and tested route with a white wedding gown is another option while designing bridal wear, as figure-hugging designs are back in vogue. With lace and silk satin creations that are combined with a closed neckline and micro-sleeves, you look elegant and ready to take the plunge with panache. Add a sash to that, and there's the perfect look every bride wants to have. You may experiment with pleats in your corset designs, though.

3. Beaded wedding gowns - add a sparkling charm to yourself

Designers are getting innovative in their designs by the day and the latest attractive feature in bridal gowns is the use of beads and crystals to add to the shimmer and sparkle in the bride's eye. From Swarovski crystals to diamond beads embedded on the wedding gown, this trend promises your betrothal ceremony to be an eye-catching affair. Moreover, splurging on these gowns, aptly eliminate the need for accessorizing.

4. Retro-inspired gowns - get the drama back

From strapless brocades, to netted gowns, the 50s Hollywood fashion is back and how! You can add a touch of gaudiness to your wedding attire by opting to either mask your dove eyes with a veil or attempt to add a feathery touch to your gown or opt for plain gloves to get the aura back. Watch people look at you in envy as potential brides add your timeless gown to their mental wish-list of 'wedding day must haves'.

5. Chic and sophisticated wedding gowns - for the urban suave bride

You can choose from street-inspired designs that include ballerina length dresses, slightly offbeat gowns with a collar or maybe a shirt-dress if unconventional is your forte! Trust us; your wedding would be a refreshing new change to the old-fashioned gowns and sashes. Besides, the comfort level and the flexibility of the outfit would be a huge advantage. With many brides choosing the innovative route, why shouldn't you explore unknown terrain?

6. Huge Ball gowns - albeit with a modern touch

Ball gowns and huge corsets would never go out of fashion no matter what the era. But, what amazes us, is that brides increasingly choose convenience over fashion and specifically demand that the heavy satins be replaced by aerial tulle materials. This Cinderella-style outfit is drool-worthy and with a number of designs to choose from, is considered the safest gowns of today - you simply cannot err with this one!

7. Lace wedding gowns - to bring the feminine touch back

Laces, ribbons and satin necessarily constitute a wedding-day attire, bringing back the old-world aura. For those who want to go traditional on their wedding day, lace gowns are super-sexy gowns known to flatter your figure and bust size. From off shoulder varieties to halter necks, these gowns bring back the womanly grace that is sometimes missing at the altars today! You can also add a dash of beads to make the dress appear stylish.

8. Over-the-top gowns - time for some showiness maybe?

Would you actually want to wear a gown that would make heads turn, literally? With these extravagant wedding gowns that scream DRAMA in neon lights, you'll get all the attention you need at the altar, without trying at all! From hats, block prints to tacky designs, these gowns do not need any accessories to go with them. The garish and kitschy designs are all the 'wow' factors you need!

9. One-shoulder wedding gowns - classy bridal wear designs

While celebrities flaunt the look on red carpets and social circles, the one-shoulder wedding gown is officially the most fashionable gowns there exists today! Available in many eye-catching designs with body flattering neck designs, the one-shoulder bridal wear designs are all about elegance, smartness and traditional restraint. They do not expose your cleavage more than you intend to and make you look wonderfully conservative.

10. Sleek and sultry wedding gowns - for those who desire the oomph

Strapless designs, backless designs, pleated corsets that are daringly figure-hugging and revealing necklines - these gowns make you look sensual and different on your wedding day. Chiffon dresses with excellent crisscross neck designs and a deep back cut are yet another sleek wedding gown option you can choose to spice your wedding day with. Gowns with spaghetti straps and seducing backlines are the perfect ways to reveal your sexuality on the altar. Go rightly low on the jewellery and rock the show!

A word of caution - please take into account, body comfort and flexibility of motion while choosing your bridal wear. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable with your outfit on the most important day of your life. It would be better if you try out the costume well in advance to rectify minor defects, rather than wearing it directly on your wedding day.

Listed above are the top 10 fashionable wedding gowns that easily rule the bridal wear roost in the contemporary times. There are many more bridal attire styles available for which you must carry out your own research. However, with these trends in hand, you simply, are going to rock the show on your D-Day!


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